OLYMPUS 4x2 Narrow - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 4x2 Wide - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 6x2ML Narrow - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 6x2ML Wide - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 6x2MS Narrow - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 6x2 MS Wide - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 6x2 RS Narrow - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 6x2 RS Wide - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 6x4 Wide - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS 8x4 MS Wide - Smooth Body RCV

Based on the technology and experience gained with the Phoenix 2, the OLYMPUS is an enhanced version of its predecessor. OLYMPUS was designed by taking into account current environmental issues and legislative drivers, with the result being a more reliable and efficient model. With the OLYMPUS, the electrics and hydraulics have taken a step further.

The main visual difference is the larger electrical junction box, which can house a more powerful CANbus processor, so removing the need for a tailgate junction box. An accompanying in-cab control panel and CCTV colour monitor provide system status pictograms, while a service screen helps with usability. Popular functions such as auto cycle, continuous cycle and manual override remain, while switch buttons for the tailgate lower, raise and eject functions have been upgraded to a higher IP (Ingress Protection) rating, meaning they offer better waterproofing and resistance to damage from fine particles.

New slim profile, low and high level LED rear lights and in-cab controls for tailgate lowering are available as an option and the new centrally mounted tailgate control valve has regenerative circuits that speed up the pack and sweep cycles below certain pressures by between four and seven seconds depending on the load. A keel shaped body floor and liquid sump are designed to allow efficient drainage and minimise corrosion.

The new range also includes a number of features designed to meet the requirements of new legislation, such as the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC that was published on 9 June 2006 and is due to be applicable from 29 December 2009. This legislation is designed to bring commonality to health and safety requirements for machinery across the European Union.

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