OLYMPUS Twin Pack 6x2RS Wide - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS Twin Pack 6x4 Wide - Smooth Body RCV
OLYMPUS TWIN PACK 8x4 Mid Steer Wide One Pass
OLYMPUS Twin Pack 8x4MS Wide - Smooth Body RCV


The Twin Pack remains a popular compaction RCV for those looking for a dual compartment body. Two totally separate bodies, tailgates and independent operational systems, safeguard against cross contamination at all stages of the collection and recycling process.

Two independently operating hoppers - The Twin Pack has two separate hoppers that feature independent operational systems, addressing the problem of cross contamination at the recycling facility and alleviating concerns about reliability and performance.

Improved stability due to a low centre of gravity - Independent tilt tests affirm great levels of stability. The low centre of gravity reduces risk of roll-over when asymmetrically loaded, delivering new standards in safety. For maximum stability, a rubber rear suspension is offered to provide a driver tolerant stable platform.

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